Eden Prairie, MN Club

Eden Prairie Rotary club sponsored pilot training for the Eden Prairie Schools for Super Hero Kids that was funded with a Rotary club grant.  The “Super Hero Kids Foundation” matched Rotary’s grant and then matched it again with a $4,000 donation for pilot training for 4th-6th and 7th&8th grades!

The Rotary club then held the pilot training for all EP K-8th grade students on Saturday, May 4th, 9-10am at Oak Point School, with a minimal fee of $10/family to attend (this helps secure attendance, helps to pay for the Community Ed services and can be waived for families in need).  In this way, families were able to attend and have all of their children trained in personal safety at once and in one hour.

So many children in EP will be safer soon thanks to our Eden Prairie AM Rotary Club generosity and the fantastic team of Rotary Anti-Human Trafficking: Carol Bomben, Jan Eian, Roger Jorgensen and Kevin Kraemer.