This page includes valuable information for collaboration with other groups to help end human trafficking. The resources are organized as follows:

Community Resources

Rotary is joining numerous other community organizations to stop human trafficking. The PDF document provided below lists the names of the various organizations (with hyperlinks to their websites) that Rotary has identified on both a State and Local level within the state of Minnesota. The local resources are sorted by region within Minnesota.

This section provides valuable information for organizations and groups including:

  • Direct service providers
  • Advocacy groups
  • General information
  • Other community organizations

If you are a Rotary Club champion, use this resource to identify Service Providers in your community.

If you are a Service Provider, use this resource to collaborate with other organizations.

We will make every effort to keep these lists updated. However, if you do not see an organization that you work with or do not see your own organization, please send your information to us through the “contact us” email found on the home page. Please include:

  • Name of the organization
  • Brief description of the services provided, or the group represented
  • Primary contact name and email (for us to follow up with questions)
  • Website



North Dakota

Rotary Club Champions

Rotary Club Champions act as advocates for Rotary’s initiative in their clubs and lead club efforts to engage their communities in efforts to end human trafficking.

  • If you are a Rotary Club champion, use this resource to find other Rotary Clubs with which to collaborate.
  • If you are a Service Provider, use this resource to find Rotary clubs that are interested in partnering with you to end human trafficking.



North Dakota

Rotary Club Toolkit for Human Trafficking Initiative

A Rotary Club engagement toolkit is available for Rotary clubs worldwide to help eliminate human trafficking.

The following topics are included in the toolkit:

  • Coordination
  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Prevention – Reducing Vulnerabilities
  • Prevention – Reducing Demand
  • Victim Support

For details on each of these topics, download the Toolkit.

Other Resources


Talking Points for Rotary Clubs

Use this one-page document for generating awareness of the Rotary initiative to end human trafficking and for several ideas on how your club can help.


Talking Points for Community Events

Use this document to provide more information for your community events or presentations. It includes statistics and talking points to help explain how Rotary is taking the initiative to end human trafficking.


More Information for Prospective Partners

This one-page document is intended for any group or organization who would like to partner with Rotary and provide additional resources in the initiative to end human trafficking.

Spot the signs

Sex trafficking happens 365 days a year. What to look for:

  • Signs of violence: unexplained bruises, black eyes, cuts, or marks
  • Behaviors including fear, anxiety, depression, hyper vigilance, nervousness
  • Easily startled, agitated, or afraid
  • Unsure of where they are
  • Not in control of money or documents
  • Accompanied by older “boyfriend” / companion
  • Dressed to look older or inappropriately for the weather/situation
  • Name or symbol tattooed or branded on neck, chest, or arms

If you think someone is being trafficked:

Call 888-373-7888 (National Sex Trafficking Hotline) or 911

Do NOT intervene or interact with someone you suspect is being trafficked. It can put both you and the victim at risk. Do NOT attempt to rescue anyone.

homeless person