Roseville, MN Club

Our club has a district grant to improve the facilities at Passageways, safe housing and programming for sex trafficked young men and women. Passageways is operated by The Link. There are 4 parts to our project. We hope to have all things completed by late fall of 2019.

“Passageways Shelter and Housing Program provides emergency shelter beds for youth ages 13-17 and housing for youth ages 16-24 who have been victims of sex trafficking. Passageways is inclusive of all gender identities and can serve parenting youth with one child. The Passageways program also provides a variety of on-site services specific to sexual exploitation that include case management, mental health therapy, education programming, life skills training, a survivor mentor program, health care services and positive youth development activities.”  Passageways is the only place of its kind that services boys and transgender youth as well as females.

The project is in four parts, with each addressing a critical need for the support of the clients served. Each part focuses on the comfort and livability of the facility, supplemental education opportunities for the clients, and physical and emotional healing and well-being of the clients.

The 4-part project will take a minimum of one year to complete. It will be done in phases based on availability of people who will donate services, availability of affordable equipment needed and staffing provided by the school district with which Passageways is affiliated.